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Reenphy George

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Building products; Solving problems.

About Myself

Hey there,
Myself Reenphy George, a 3rd year engineering student and a passionate developer. I love building products which helps in solving problems we face. Looking forward to build and learn with other passionate developers.

My Skills

My Latest Projects

Learning the theory is good, but applying your knowledge on a project is AWESOME!!

Official website of TedxSJCET conducted on October 2022
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My Diary
A simple diary app build using NodeJS, Express and MongoDB.
Sheets to VCF
A python script to convert xlsx sheets to VCF with batch renaming feature.
Sheet Cross Checker
A python script to extract details of common contact-nos from two excel sheets and export the details as a text file.
A website to share info regarding daily covid cases in our college.
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An online Caesar Cipher encoder and decoder made using HTML, CSS and JS.
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